Infor High Tech & Electronics

Infor High Tech is a purpose-built suite that helps high tech and electronics companies seamlessly connect customers, operations, and suppliers. Infor's integrated solutions offer industry-specific functionality for component manufacturers, electronic manufacturing service companies, and OEMs in the industrial, consumer, telecommunications, and office equipment markets. Seamlessly connect your customers, your operations, and your suppliers with Infor High Tech & Electronics.



The Infor High Tech & Electronics advantage 

Our customers use Infor High Tech to:

  • Cut costs.

  • Improve productivity.

  • Get products to market faster.

  • Shorten product life cycles.

  • Differentiate products with added services.

  • Synchronise the entire supply chain.

  • Collaborate with trading partners in real time.

  • Expand global presence.

  • Respond to changes in the market faster.


Infor High Tech customers




Many of the world's leading companies trust Infor High Tech to improve their business.



Powered by Infor 10x

Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor's proven business applications, marries modern technologies with traditional applications, so you get the best of both worlds-solutions backed by decades of practical application that are continually enhanced with the latest technological innovations. Infor 10x includes:

  • Social business

  • Mobility

  • Analytics

  • User experience

  • Infor ION purpose-built middleware

  • Cloud

  • Application development framework

…as well as major enhancements across all of Infor's product lines.





Infor High Tech & Electronics


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