Infor Chemicals

Infor Chemicals is a purpose-built set of capabilities that allow chemical producers to respond to their customers' demands faster and more profitably, and meet the increased burden of regulatory governance. With Infor Chemicals, you can solve the unique challenges of your industry that generic ERP solutions can't serve-challenges such as the planning of co-products and by-products, formula matching and optimisation, attribute costing, safety, and quality.


The Infor Chemical advantage

Our customers use Infor Chemicals to:

  • Transition to more profitable and marketable products.

  • Increase perfect order rates. 

  • Better manage customer and product hierarchies. 

  • Maximidse capacity utilisation across multiple locations. 

  • Reduce stock outages. 

  • Efficiently meet regulatory and compliance mandates. 

  • Bring new products to market faster. 

  • Improve plant productivity.


Infor Chemicals customers



Many of the world's leading companies trust Infor Chemicals to improve their business.



Specialized by industry

Infor Chemicals delivers powerful capabilities that are perfectly suited to the precise demands of all leading chemical categories including:


Life sciences



Powered by Infor 10x

Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor's proven business applications, marries modern technologies with traditional applications, so you get the best of both worlds-solutions backed by decades of practical application that are continually enhanced with the latest technological innovations. Infor 10x includes:

  • Social business

  • Mobility

  • Analytics

  • User experience

  • Infor ION purpose-built middleware

  • Cloud

  • Application development framework

…as well as major enhancements across all of Infor's product lines.





Infor Chemicals


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